Simple Business Intelligence Solutions turns complex data problems into simple solutions. Our solutions are simple to understand, simple to visualize, and simple to organize. The biggest challenge today’s companies are facing is the volume of data everywhere and a multitude of BI tools, but do not have capabilities to turn data into vision. This is where we come in. Our expertise will turn complex data solutions into simple ones so you can run your business more efficiently without unnecessary delay.

Over sixteen years of experience in various industries and proven success, Simple Business Intelligence Solutions now has come to you. We will review your portfolio and provide you with expert insight on how to reconfigure the processes, remove blockages, and realign the resources to cut cost and improve customer satisfaction.

Data is the new oil. Simple Business Intelligence Solutions will transform your data into money so you can make better, actionable decisions. We have various methods which we will deploy to understand your business model and turn them into blueprint so you can understand where improvement is needed. For example, you may be finding it challenging understanding your data: We will take a look at various sources of data, define the data, structure the data, and visualize the data based on business rules. We will even go further by doing cost analysis, historic analysis, and predictive analysis to give you holistic framework of your business so you can understand where money is wasted and where improvement needed to bring more value. We will use the industry standard of data analytics to bring the data to life and so you can relax and bet better based on trend of data.


Sunil Taylor has been an expert in the Business Intelligence industry for sixteen years, working with clients across all industries leading leaders and helping them to achieve their common goal of data management. Sunil has a BS in Management Information System from Drexel University as well as an M.S. in Database Management and Business Intelligence.


SimpleBISolutions is specialized in entire life cycle of Business Intelligence portfolio. We are end to end solution for all you data from start to end. We offer services which are built around data and how data can bring business solutions. Services offers by SimpleBISolutions are Data Management, Data Analytics, and Data Governance

We take holistic approach where we study origin of data from how they are captured, how they are stored, and how they organized, and how they are visualized. Once our study of holistic approach has been concluded, we dive into Data Analytics.

Once we have good handle of how data are managed/organized, we start to give you suggestion how to bring more value out of silos of data. Data which can be cost saving or produce more sales. Data which could be sitting in silos which could potential be game changer for entire institution or enterprise. We take advanced analytics skills and products of marked to make sure that data are brought to life and there is a story behind it

Once study of data is concluded, we give you tools you the best practices to govern the data as well as put correct boundaries, so data are managed efficiently. Good Data Governance practices can save tons of money on performance, security, and time management.